Friday, July 31, 2015

Pauline's Hair Care Routine - Dyed Hair

I dyed my hair purple TWICE a few weeks ago. The first time I used Vidal Sassoon Salonist and it gave my hair a slight red tint. A few days later, I used Live Color XXL by Schwarzkopf and it made my hair black with a purple shine and I actually really like it. I bought two boxes since my hair is ridiculously thick but I ended up not needing the second box because of the amount of dye in the bottle. I swear, I thought at one point that it would never end.

The more I wash my hair, the more the purple comes out which just shows how much dye was in there.

Anyway, caring for dyed hair does mean altering your normal routine a little bit. Firstly, your shampoo and conditioner require a swap to one that is made specifically for coloured hair since it doesn't take out the dye (great when your hair is dyed a semi-permanent colour). I went from using Herbal Essences Bee Strong to Ignite My Colour.

Washing your hair every day turns into a big no-no since it dries out your hair; really you shouldn't wash your hair every day in the first place but it's more important if your hair has dye.

Other than that, my hair care routine is still pretty similar to what it was before in terms of styling and maintenance. I haven't changed things like my heat protection for when I straighten it or my leave in conditioner. I do style my hair less, though, because it has been through a lot. I'm still amazed that my hair is still really thick...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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