Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Accessory Must-Haves

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This week on The Little Chatter Boxes were talking about summer accessories. My post will include all of the accessories you need in your wardrobe to survive the rest of the summer.

*Taking these pictures outside was definitely a new experience for me. When you're trying to set objects up, and then you're trying out different angles... And then the neighbors start looking at you... It's kind of a strange experience. Eventually I'll grow more comfortable though. Thought you would all enjoy that visual, ahahah.

// Ray-Bans //

These shades are a classic, staple piece. I love the fact that they are black with silver accents they go with everything in my wardrobe!

 // Large Summer Tote //

I personally use this Michael Kors tote. It's so big- it carries anything and everything I need. I like having a large tote for summer since I'm usually out on day trips, whether it's at the beach or a family BBQ. Click the link below to check out a guest post I did for the Boston Beauty Buzz blog featuring my tote!

My Day Trip Essentials-

// Black Dressy Flops //

Flip-flops are a must for summer despite their color. I personally like having a black, dressy pair that way I can dress them up for family outings. This black pair is from Michael Kors. I love them to death. 

// Floral Headband //

You can find these anywhere! I got mine at PacSun. They are the perfect statement piece to add a touch of bohemian to your outfit. Super cute!

That's it for my summer accessory must-haves. I hope you enjoyed this post! Next week we'll be covering summer foods. Be sure to check that out next week! 

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*My Back to School series starts August 10th if you're interested.

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