Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bella's Summer Purses

      This week on TLCB we are sharing our favorite summer accessories with you! I have chosen to share my favorite purses! 

      This light pink over the shoulder bag from Garage is perfect for any summer event because it is super small and easy to carry. It's also a perfect touch to any outfit.

      This bag from Target screams summer with it's florescent pink color! (Can you tell that I like pink?) Although it's pretty bright and unique it is still versatile because you can dress it to make a statement or to blend in with the rest of the bright summer colors. 

      Last but not least I have this beautiful white bag with gold detail. The light color is perfect for summer and is super versatile. I love this bag because I can just throw it on my way out the door and I know that it will match whatever I am wearing! 

      That's all for this week's post! Please tweet me your favorite summer accessories and be sure to come back next week! Thanks for reading :) 

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