Monday, July 27, 2015

Guilianna's Haircare Routine (Long Hair)

Hello everyone! 

This week on The Little Chatter Boxes we're describing our haircare routines with you. My haircare routine specifically relates to females with longer hair. 

// Shampoo & Conditioner //

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For self-pampering days I like to apply this product to the ends of my hair to ensure that they are getting the moisture they need. It helps my hair from looking dead and fried. 

Hair Mask

Unfortunately I don't have a picture to represent my favorite hair mask, but I'll have a link below. I got a baby sample from Ulta awhile ago. Love, love, love it! It lasted me a very long time.

Then, since it's summer I've been letting my hair air dry and putting it into a side fishtail braid.

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