Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Day In Bella's Life~ Summer Edition

Here is a sneak peak of a typical summer day of my life! 

      After waking up I typically start the day with a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. (I'm not going to lie I often spend most of the day doing this.) Once I get out of bed I get ready for the day. 

(I was feeling some comic strip photo art)

       If I am feeling productive, I write down my activities and to do list for the day in my planner. I just got this one and it is from target. Even for those of you who are not all that organized, this is still a great way to start off your day. 

      Then I go about any activities that the day has to offer. This often includes spending time with friends, going to the movies, or taking a trip to the pool. This week I have been super busy with a dance intensive all day. I typically try to get some work done for school or my blog but that does not always happen. 

(Ahh my desk is so messy!) 

       After dinner I spend the rest of the night watching more Grey's Anatomy or blogging. I also usually shower before bed. Click here to see my full  shower routine. Before bed I try to write in my journal (although my day is often not exciting enough to write about) and I make myself some herbal tea. Before bed I really enjoy Twinings Camomile or Wild Berry herbal tea. And then comes one of my favorite parts of the day... bed.

(I'm so in love with my pajama bottoms from Old Navy) 

      There you have a typical day in my life! I know that it's not too exciting but I hope that you enjoyed it anyways! Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to check out my blog!

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