Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Day In Róisín's Life

Hello Fabulous Internet!
Here is a normal Wednesday in 3rd Year for me! Just to point out I did more than the subjects mentioned, I just wanted to show you what my actual Wednesday is like! I decided to do this A Day In My Life during school as now every day is completely different. 
7:15am I wake up to the generic Apple alarm, I drag myself out of bed and go downstairs to have Breakfast. Breakfast normally isn't that interesting, it would be cereal or toast. I get dressed, do my hair and makeup, sort out my school bag. 
8:10am I get on the bus to school 
8:40am I arrive at school, go to my locker , get my books organised for the first 3 classes and chat to my friends.
9:00am- 11am I have classes Geography, English and Religion. The only subject I really liked out of these three was Geography
11am-11:15am BREAK
I go to my locker and sort out my books for the next 3 classes, have a something to eat and chat to friends. 
11:15am- 1:10pm I have a double class of Music and SPHE (Health education). This set of classes was pretty chilled, I had a light bag (for once).
1:10pm- 1:55pm LUNCH 
I sort out books for the next 3 classes, eat lunch, chat with friends and go outside of it is nice or not (knowing Irish weather it could be anything outside!).
1:55pm-3:50pm I have Irish, French and Maths. I kinda dreaded these classes.
3:50pm-4:00pm I get my homework from my locker and get onto my bus. 
4:00pm-4:35pm I'm on the bus either talking to people or listening to music depends on my mood.
4:35pm-5:30pm I have dinner, get changed out of my uniform and go on the Internet.
5:30pm-8:30pm I do my homework and then study (pretty boring. I know!). I would normally take a break in between finishing my homework and starting study, in this break I would practice my guitar and piano.
8:30pm-10:15pm I go on the Internet, check my emails, read blogs, check my blog, go on YouTube watch a lot of videos.
10:15pm-10:30pm I get ready for bed, remove my makeup, wash my face, brush my teeth, brush my hair etc.
10:30pm-11:00pm I hop into bed and read a book (I'm a nerd!)
11:00pm I go to sleep and drift off to the world of my crazy imagination

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