Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Trends 2015: Black & White

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This week on "The Little Chatter Boxes" we'll be covering the latest summer trends. Black and white is back and I couldn't be happier about it. Black is my go-to color in any situation because it's chic and slimming. White is another versatile color. It goes with anything and everything. The two together can be warn anywhere.

Here are two different ways to style the black and white texture trend:

1. Add a pop of color.
A pop of color to any neutral look is what makes or breaks the outfit. Personally, I love the look of adding a pop of color within my shoes. Typically, when I wear a plain white shirt with denim cut-offs I immediately eye up some of my shoes that are bold in color or have a funky design on them. They really add some glam to the outfit.

2. Layer different prints.
We've all seen this on the runway. Why not try it for that concert you're heading to next weekend? This look is a lot more bold then the previous look, yet I still love it. I would definitely try the third look for a date night!

You can check out Glamour magazine for more trends-

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