Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ró's School Supplies

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This week on The Little Chatter Boxes is another instalment in out Back To School series, it is school supplies haul. Enjoy.

This year, I didn't have to get that many things for school as I am going into Transition Year (if you don't know what transition year is click HERE). Basically it is a more relaxed year for my brain and my back. Since I didn't need to get too much new things I thought I would do a sort of 'What's in My Schoolbag, Supplies Addition'.

My schoolbag is a JanSport Big Student in Purple Night Preston Plaid (Click HERE). I got this bag last year on Amazon as I really needed a large bag for the next school year and they are so hard to get and expensive in Ireland. I think when I got it is has around $40/€30.

I got 2 two-ringed binders , one in blue and the other in pink. I know they are very plain but I hope to make them a bit more pretty. I also got some plastic pockets for my folders and a huge refill pad. I got this new pencil case but it can just about fit everything in it.  

This does not all fit into my pencil case, it is not Hermione bag that has endless amount of space! As usually I have Bic 4 Colour Ballpoint Pens. I normally just use the red out of these but they are great if you forgot your pencil case and only have that pen.
 Bic Evolution Hb Pencils, I am not that fussy when it comes to pencils as long as the nib doesn't break every time you try to pair them and these Bic ones do the job.
Since I am left-handed, I normally can't use gel type pens as it will just go everywhere. I really like Staedtler Blue Ballpoint Pens as they dry instantly and are nice to write with. I found these last year and I keep repurchasing them.
You can never go wrong with highlighters, so I just have a random blue and yellow one.
Of course everyone needs a calculator and I have a standard Casio Fx83 Scientific Calculator which does the job. 
I also have a rubber, dolphin ruler (because I'm classy) and a pencil parer.
I don't know why but during class my lips can get real dry so I always keep a lip balm in my pencil case. Currently I have Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm and I really like it as it is moisturising and gives a bit of colour.

That's all for my school supplies haul (that rhythms)!
See you,

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