Friday, September 4, 2015

Pauline's Sixth Form/College Equipment Advice

I've done my time at sixth form now so I feel like it is wise to pass on my knowledge of what you need for it. Also, since I'm slightly older than the other bloggers on this (only by a year or two), the equipment you need for the higher years are slightly different to that of the lower years. Most of it is the same but sometimes it's worth spending a bit more money on the useful stuff.

I did a stationary haul a few years ago before I started sixth form on my own blog here!
WARNING: There's a lot of photos of my face so be prepared.

For some courses, you may be given an equipment list for it, you know, essentials that you really need in order to survive the year or whatever. I have one from my uni which is about two A4 pages long (*sigh* goodbye, money) so make sure you read into that and get as much of it as you can.

Don't expect the school or college to provide you with stuff. There's no doubt that they'll have some just in case but it won't be enough to supply the whole class and you waste time waiting for the equipment you need. Trust me. If you can, it's also worth talking to those who have already done the course or class that you are about to start so you know what else you may have to get. It's better to be over-prepared.

I hope you all have a good school year ahead. Mine doesn't start until the 28th September (woohoo!) so I still have time to organise money and stuff. University is expensive.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

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